5 Tips for Managing Remote Employees


In today’s globally-connected world, hiring remote workers has never been easier. Remote options allow companies to expand the talent pool and hire top employees for positions. Remote workers also have greater flexibility in their roles, which translates to a much happier workforce. However, balancing productivity and flexibility is equally important for business and companies to […]

Identifying Your Company’s Technology Needs

Business man and woman working on computers

No matter the industry or size of the company, technology is a must-have for a business to develop and stay competitive. Technology can be a significant financial investment, especially given how quickly it changes. Knowing what tech is right for your business is not something to consider lightly. Choosing the right technology involves identifying your […]

How to Save Time with Technology for Your Business

happy young woman talking on the cell phone and using tablet computer in a coffee shop

Technology has changed how we do business, creating efficiencies inconceivable by companies only a few decades ago. Today, communication is instantaneous and global, and companies leveraging current day tech can increase productivity and efficiency, allowing business to stay highly competitive and relevant. Here are a few ways you can save time and ultimately, money, with […]

Top Benefits of Using Managed Services

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Companies today are discovering the advantages of deploying managed services across their firms. Managed services providers handle the day-to-day IT operations and cloud services across all systems. Choosing the right managed services provider can give business the boost needed to stay ahead of the technology game, and much more. The following are some of the benefits […]

8 Unique Ways to Use Video Conferencing

Couple of young designers working at modern office, two coworkers discussing fun project over a laptop, little team of businesspeople smiling and looking together at computer, students at library

Unifying voice and video was a long-standing vision of the 20th Century and made possible in the 1990s with increasing Internet speeds and more powerful CPUs. Fast forward to modern day, and you’ll find video conferencing has become a crucial business tool that can be utilized in several ways by small business owners and large […]