How to Scale Your Support with Avaya

Close up of working process at business meeting

Communication is a vital tool for every business because it is how messages get across the organization and to consumers. Without communication—whether from emails, video chat, telephony, instant messaging, print ads, radio commercials, or something else—a business could not function or make money. Nowadays, communication is no longer as simple as just talking face-to-face with […]

Keeping Your Customer’s Data Secure

How to Keep Cusomter Data Secure

In today’s data-driven world, customer’s private information is collected and used to make key decisions that affect a company’s products and the overall way the company grows and evolves. Data collection also provides the most accurate feedback a company can use. However, as a company collecting and using personal data, you have a responsibility to […]

Why Video Matters to Your Business

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If you are in the business world, it is unreasonable to think that everyone involved in your business will be in-house at all times. Some companies benefit from hiring contractors in other states, and some even in other countries. Efficient communication, company growth, and extra money can all be attributed to utilizing video conferencing. This post […]

How to Optimize Your Network and Application Performance in the Cloud

Network and Application Performance in the Cloud

Utilizing the cloud can be very beneficial to businesses, and that tends to get companies excited. Why shouldn’t they be? The cloud can help save money in technology while drastically boosting productivity. But in the hurry to get everything in the cloud, companies can forget some fundamentals in IT that could bring the entire cloud […]