Mobile Communications and Employee Productivity Concerns

Man working from home with laptop

While increased productivity is a benefit regularly sited as a perk of implementing a mobile communications setup, some businesses have concerns that in actuality the opposite would occur. Broadening the physical reach of your unified communications network could mean that you have more employees working from home or offsite on customer calls. It’s reasonable to fear that after […]

Mobile for your Business: 5 Questions to Ask Before Deployment

questions before mobile deployment

With the whole of society connected at all times through their mobile devices, it seems a natural assumption that your business should follow the trend. Not only does it provide additional convenience but it also helps to establish your organization as a forward thinking company and a more desirable place to work. But, business mobility […]

Beginner’s Guide to Unified Communications


Deciding to make the switch from a plain old telephone system to a robust unified communications network, wherein everything is managed under the same umbrella, is a change that will take your professional communications to another level. The only problem is, well, it can be a bit confusing! It’s not immediately apparent which services are […]

Video Conferencing Tips for Mid-Sized Businesses

video conference tips for business

Videoconferencing is an essential tool in business collaboration and development. You see it more often with larger companies that have more of a global presence, since communicating with collaborators and employees overseas is part of how they do business. However, small-scale and mid-size businesses benefit from this technology by communicating their products and services to […]