Designing an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Designing an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we’re reminded that natural disasters can strike at any time. To that end, having a disaster recovery plan is paramount for resuming operations. Today, more than ever, business use information technology (IT) in their daily activities from data transfers and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) to electronic mail and […]

The Latency Effect: How Packet Loss Affects Network Performance

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Businesses pay for technology because it enhances their operations and more often than not provides a return on investment. However, in order to get the highest return on your investment, it’s important to monitor and maintain its performance. One aspect of your technology performance to be aware of is latency. Read on to learn what […]

Optimizing Your Call Center with a Unified Communications Partner

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In today’s technology driven world, companies of all sizes must optimize their systems using technology to stay relevant and competitive. The cost of technology often presents hidden expenses and hurdles as businesses attempt to procure, build, and manage their own systems. Technology and equipment become quickly outdated, leading to additional costs. Take your company’s telephone […]