How to Ensure Security in Cloud Communications

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As more businesses move toward unified communications in the cloud, securing sensitive information becomes a primary concern. Several security threats exist including call fraud, phreaking, malware, and denial of service attacks to name a few. Though the cloud communication service provider offers security protection as part of its services, enterprises must also take measures to […]

Best Practices for Implementing VoIP for Your Business

best practices implementing VOIP for business

VoIP systems have many features that make them a cost-effective alternative to the traditional PSTN (public-switched telephone network). For example, they do not require additional telephone lines, and they utilize an existing broadband network to convert voice streams into data packets. The data is sent over the Internet to their destination, which can reduce how […]

Benefits of Call Recording

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For businesses—call centers especially—improving customer service improves the bottom line. Great customer service involves getting to know your customer and building relationships. One call center solution that can facilitate this aspect of your business is call recording software. With call recording, you can download and replay phone calls easily through your business phone system. In this […]

Smart Campus Lunch and Learn – Wednesday, June 7 @ McCoy Stadium

 SMART CAMPUSES EQUAL SAFER SCHOOLS   Join Beacon Telecom and Avaya on Wednesday June 7th to learn how your school can improve your safety platforms designed with education budgets in mind.  THE PROBLEMEducators the world over are mounting pressure to deliver a modern education experience that supports anytime, anywhere learning, despite the challenges of shrinking budgets, aging […]

How to Prepare for Cloud Migration

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Businesses who use a cloud communication system enjoy benefits such as lower costs, seamless operations, and a dynamic system. However, implementing a business cloud system takes time and careful decision-making. Business communication systems vary in cost and quality, and while switching over to the cloud is often the best option, taking this leap can create some unforeseen […]