Ways Unified Communications Can Improve Customer Self-Service

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Customer self-service is increasing preferred method of business transaction from the grocery store to rental car kiosks.  Despite the growing desire to transact business on individual terms and time, when it comes to navigating the sometimes endless and confusing interactive voice response (IVR) menus of an automated self-service system, customers can get frustrated quickly.  Originally […]

Top Five Solutions for Common Poor Quality VoIP Calls


Poor VoIP call quality can have serious ramifications for your business. However, it is not necessary to live with the curable causes of poor call quality.  Rather than saying that five times fast, here are the top five problems and solutions for dealing with poor quality VoIP calls. Bad Internet Connection Usually considered the first […]

5 Tips for Managing Remote Employees


In today’s globally-connected world, hiring remote workers has never been easier. Remote options allow companies to expand the talent pool and hire top employees for positions. Remote workers also have greater flexibility in their roles, which translates to a much happier workforce. However, balancing productivity and flexibility is equally important for business and companies to […]