What Exactly is Unified Communications?

Communication brings people together and facilitates team and business success. When you add technology to the mix, this communication becomes dynamic and even more beneficial. Unified communications is one such example of technology that amplifies connectivity and productivity. In this post we’ll go over what unified communications is and how it can help your business to […]

5 Ways Cloud Services can Improve Your Customer Service

handsome technical support operator working on computer

Most customers bring expectations with them when they do business with you. Customers expect prompt responses and quality products or services. Sadly, when a company gets a poor reputation for customer service, it is hard to change. On the other hand, exceeding customer expectations will grow your business.   Customer service is based on more than […]

Benefits of Structured Cabling

Closeup of electrical plug with colorful cables

Structuring your company well is important. Carefully planning out the organizational structure, growth, and cash flow sets in place a strong future. Your communications system needs to be strong as well, and a strong system is a structured one. If your business uses a wired network for voice, data, and video then structured cabling is […]

Communication Network Terms: What You Should Know About Your Network

Pretty technician using tablet pc while fixing server in large data center

When you look at a list of features for your communications network, it is helpful to know what all the terms mean. Being more savvy of the insider terms that IT professionals use helps you in selecting quality communications at a great price. As such, we’ve put together a handy list of communications terms to strengthen your […]