What is Big Data?

What is Big Data

Big data is vital for company growth because it has the capability of showing companies how to scale their business and ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. This information is pulled from the many sources that run a company, and is often flowing so quickly and in such massive quantities that it can be […]

4 Ways to Differentiate Your Call Center from Competitors

Does Your Business Need IT Support

Call centers are the backbone of most companies because they are the primary touch point between consumer and business. The way a call center functions and provides its services can make the difference between having many long-lasting clients, or clients that drop out and go to different companies. Since technology and quality standards are always […]

Signs Your Company is Ready for a Unified Communications Partner

View Of Busy Stock Traders Office

Communication is the most vital part of any good relationship, and we have to keep those channels open and clear to prevent misunderstanding or ill-will. The same rings true in business. The best companies cultivate good working relationships with everyone from clients to potential customers, employees, management, and contractors. But these relationships can suffer if […]

Tips and Tactics for Your Business Backup Strategy

Before the introduction of cloud computing and the widespread acceptance and use of the internet, the only way to back up work was locally through disk and tape space, or the create a virtual tape library. Before disks and tapes, work was transcribed and maintained in large vaulted archives. Thankfully, innovations have virtually eliminated the […]