What is a Hybrid Cloud?

hybrid cloud approach

About 88% of organizations use public cloud services. Public cloud services are very popular but businesses also have the option of private or hybrid cloud. What’s the best option? It depends. Public cloud is a good solution for extra noncritical storage and application development. Private provides security for your data and critical applications. Hybrid cloud […]

6 Benefits of SIP Trunking

6 benefits of SIP trunking

In the business world, you have probably heard the phrase “it’s about synergies.” The business world is always moving so many of the phrases used frequently in business are about that movement, collaborating, and making money. But communicating great ideas and taking action can sometimes be difficult. There are essentially two ways to facilitate communication: […]

Security Concerns Regarding On-Premise and Hosted PBX Systems

hosted vs premise pbx security concerns

Business communication is not a do it yourself job anymore. Innovation and the need for specialized equipment or systems make it important to rely on experts in communications. An expert telecom company can help you assess your needs and find the right fit for you. One of the most common business communications system is PBX […]

5 Keys to IT Security for Your Business Phone System

businessman hand show 3d mobile phone with padlock as Internet security online business concept

If you have ever been to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), you know that on the outside there is a barrier, armed guards, and a security system. On the inside, the computer systems are designed to be secure and are carefully monitored. Having both the inside and outside secure is very important to keeping […]

What Exactly is Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony?

IP telephony boston businesses

What if there was a tool for your company that made your work more flexible and collaboration easier? You may think this is software program or a business consultant, nut, flexibility and collaboration can actually be found in your business phone system. Many businesses use a phone system based on PBX; incorporate internet technology and […]