How to Save Time with Technology for Your Business

happy young woman talking on the cell phone and using tablet computer in a coffee shop

Technology has changed how we do business, creating efficiencies inconceivable by companies only a few decades ago. Today, communication is instantaneous and global, and companies leveraging current day tech can increase productivity and efficiency, allowing business to stay highly competitive and relevant. Here are a few ways you can save time and ultimately, money, with […]

Benefits of Call Recording

Assistant using a headset in a call center

For businesses—call centers especially—improving customer service improves the bottom line. Great customer service involves getting to know your customer and building relationships. One call center solution that can facilitate this aspect of your business is call recording software. With call recording, you can download and replay phone calls easily through your business phone system. In this […]

5 Ways to Overcome Barriers to Communication

ways to overcome barriers to communication

Social Media, the internet, and flexible work spaces have moved the modern workplace towards collaboration. Instead of employees working in cubicles, we have teams networking on projects together. Unfortunately, having a quality business network does not ensure everyone at your business can collaborate successfully. Communication difficulties, network problems, and personal issues can complicate collaboration for […]

Top 5 Security Concerns for Your Business Telecom System

security concerns for business telecom

Sometimes we get so caught in the words we use at work, we forget what they mean. For example, the buzzword cutting edge is a term that someone may throw around loosely to mean “new.” However, cutting edge refers to something that is both new and innovative. With VoIP telephony, knowing some of the technical […]