Security Concerns Regarding On-Premise and Hosted PBX Systems

hosted vs premise pbx security concerns

Business communication is not a do it yourself job anymore. Innovation and the need for specialized equipment or systems make it important to rely on experts in communications. An expert telecom company can help you assess your needs and find the right fit for you. One of the most common business communications system is PBX […]

What Exactly is Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony?

IP telephony boston businesses

What if there was a tool for your company that made your work more flexible and collaboration easier? You may think this is software program or a business consultant, nut, flexibility and collaboration can actually be found in your business phone system. Many businesses use a phone system based on PBX; incorporate internet technology and […]

How to Find the Best Phone System Vendor

How to Find the Best Phone System Vendor

During a typical business day, you may need to answer business calls while out of the office, get in on a conference call, and check your voicemail. All of these functions require a good business phone system. It is vital to have a quality phone system to communicate within your office and to those with […]

4 Video Conferencing Tips

video conferencing tips

Imagine your company has a branch in San Francisco, one in Minneapolis, and one in Boston, MA. And, you need to meet together periodically to coordinate business plans. Flying everyone from Canton to Minneapolis for weekly meetings is not practical. How can you all meet together? Your business meeting solution is video conferencing! Video conferencing between […]

What is a PBX Phone System?

what is a pbx phone system

Gone are the days when a phone call meant dialing an operator, then having him or her connect you to someone across town. Phone lines, the internet, and WiFi service allow us to quickly connect with people around the globe. Business telephone systems are vital to a business and need to operate efficiently and reliably. […]