Key Considerations When Choosing a Phone System for Your Business

For many small to mid-size businesses, the communications solutions implemented to sustain their workload have been adequate and reliable, efficiently working to maintain their needs. There probably hasn’t been any obvious call for updates considerations for choosing phone systembecause the system works as expected. In fact, overall success of the business can be attributed to a strong communications network and the professionalism of the service provider. 

But, times change. Business, like communications, now moves with lightning quickness. “What is” one day is quickly becoming “what was” the next. The need for constant connectivity and collaboration is now essential to all businesses. The answer to this is to ensure that your business is always connected. Your business needs a variety of communication solutions for businesses to help you make faster and smarter decisions. 

Unless you’re an expert in telecommunications, this can seem daunting. Here’s what businesses should to consider when choosing a telecommunications system and company to keep pace with changing demand.

  1. Choose Innovative Solutions
    Advances in communication and collaboration between businesses have touched nearly everyone, worldwide. It has defined how business is done, through tangible results: better customer service for customers while maintaining the bottom line; improved employee communication; and richer, more innovative business collaboration. When looking at a services provider, make sure that you’re choice is a company that keeps up with the current telecom trends and offers innovative solutions like  hosted telecom or VoicePLUS  services. 
  2. Full Access Collaboration
    The truth of this is simple: better collaboration comes from enhanced communication. It’s a universal theme that crosses all relationship boundaries. With more empowered mobile, remote and office-based workers, engagement with customers, suppliers and colleagues is more fluid and powerful. Delivery of data and knowledge is more efficient, translating into greater profits and revenues. In cases with medium-sized business, audio-, video- and web-conferencing enables multi-party conferences, often without service provider fees. The barriers of geography and time slowly disappear, giving the unique collaborative sense of meeting face-to-face, although half a world away. 
  3. Customer Service
    It’s not enough to meet customer needs; you need to exceed them as well. By providing collaborative services and technologies along several media (voice, email, fax, or online chat), access to enhanced customer service can be achieved. That means that you need a solution that can provide you remote technical support and customer service as well.  
  4. Updating and Reducing Costs
    Updating your current telecommunications solutions enhances productivity and customer service and lowers business costs. With a reliable telecom system you can effectively reduce travel expenses, international calling costs and other costs associated with antiquated telecom systems. An innovative telecom company will help your business improve customer andclient relations, corporate productivity and profit margins.
  5. Simplification in management and maintenance  
    Often the burden of telecom systems lies in maintaining and sustaining these elaborate systems to keep your business running smoothly. When you upgrade to the more collaborative telecom solution, management becomes much easier. Simple, web-based administration allows easy upgrades, movement of resources along a connected network and easy access to multiple ports. With a fully redundant and robust system, any changes to the services can be done without impacting business operations.

 When you’re looking for a telecom provider for your business, keep these things in mind. Beacon Telecom provides reliable solutions to businesses of all types. Interested in upgrading your telecom channels? Contact us today!


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    This post has given me a lot of great information for finding a good phone system service. I like that you put customer service as an item on the article since that is important. Thanks for the great phone system tips.

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      Hi John! We are very happy to hear that you were able to benefit from our article and we really appreciate your feedback. If you would like, we can have a sales engineer contact you directly to answer any questions you might have as well as provide a free needs assessment?

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    I really like your point on choosing a phone service that gives you as much access to collaboration as possible. Like you said, newer phone systems are helping to erase the barriers of geography, so it is important that those types of features are available. In fact, I would make sure that the phone company supports things like optional recording and transcription of calls. That could make it a lot easier for everyone to be focused on the business, and not on writing down notes.

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    Thanks for the tip that you should choose a phone service company that has innovative solutions. You went on to say that they should have full access collaboration. I think it’s a good idea to choose a phone service company that offers you fair prices for long distance calls.

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    Thanks for your thoughts about how advances in communication and collaboration have touched nearly everyone worldwide. I can definitely see how this point would apply to even something as simple as a telephone system. I would imagine that there are lots of different telephone options available, and choosing a system that can be incorporated in other aspects of your business would be a great way to streamline your processes.

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