Tasca Automotive Group Case Study

Why can’t we communicate with the other dealerships directly?

That was one of the questions that faced Mike DeCesare when he was appointed Chief Information Officer of Tasca Automotive Group in the spring of 2014. Unfortunately, he didn’t have an answer at the ready. They should have been able to. They had the equipment in place, but upon further investigation, he realized it wasn’t being used to its fullest ability. Not even close, in fact. According to Mr. DeCesare, their system was “hodgepodged together, overly complicated, and archaic. Three or four dealerships had the Avaya platform, but they weren’t using the IP side at all – they were just using Avaya on the phone.” Mr. DeCesare had some work to do and he turned to the experts at Beacon Telecom to help him do it. 

Tasca Automotive Group

Established in 1943
15 Locations in MA and RI
Mike DeCesare, CIO


Avaya IP Office
Avaya IP Desktop and Wireless Phones
Avaya One-X Mobile

The Challenge

Tasca Automotive Group is a family-owned collection of dealerships throughout New England. Family owned since 1943, Tasca has embarked on an aggressive growth campaign and plans to add three dealerships a year either through new construction or acquisition. They also have a central call center and a thriving on-line parts sales business. They needed a centralized system that could connect all their current network and talk needs as well as grow with them in the future.

Beacon Telecom

“We chose Beacon Telecom because we needed to take our infrastructure to the next level and the team at Beacon is comprised of some of the smartest phone guys I’ve ever met,” Mr. DeCesare said. “Whatever request I had or have, their answer is always ‘Yeah, we can do that.’ They also have brilliant network engineers on staff and they are all committed to getting the job done right. Any issue I have, I simply call them up and it gets taken care of personally.” He concludes by saying “Trust is a big commodity in this business, and I trust Beacon Telecom.”

What We Heard

Tasca Automotive Group needed help bringing all the various elements of their empire together onto one unified system. They needed to fix the communication challenges they currently faced and make it easy to expand the system throughout new additional dealerships. Beacon Telecom was able to help them achieve that through experienced planning, expertise, and Avaya IP Office. Now, their system administration is much easier and less expensive. They have a centralized voice mail and email system. The user-friendly system allows them to easily connect and transfer calls to other dealerships – even from mobile phones. Most importantly, with a unified platform across all sites, we’re able to help Tasca expand the system easily and inexpensively.

Why Avaya? 

“I evaluated Avaya systems vs. a few other competitors when I first took over and, quite frankly, Avaya can do everything I wanted it to do with both network and talk,” Mr. DeCesare reports. As a previous owner of an IT company, he knew what he was looking for and what he was talking about. Sometimes when Tasca acquires a new dealership there are still contracts in place for other systems, but the good news is, “Avaya phones work great even on other systems until we can update them. “ The next step is moving 40 licenses to Avaya’s one-X Mobile, which extends desktop-like corporate communication features to mobile phones and tablets. Mr. DeCesare sums up its abilities by simply saying, “What a great product!”

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